Digital appointment system for service industry
Essential tool for business optimization
Online appointment system
for clients.
Works in the cloud from anywhere in the world with available Internet connection.
All customer's appointments automatically stored in one database.
Activate trial for 30 days
A program to create digital appointment. Free up your time to increase dedication to your clients and maintaining comfort in
your business.
- automatically track equipment and work place availability;
- aimplifies the process to create appointment;
- audit the edits, allows to track false changes.
Your employees are your key to success!
Do the daily activity more convenient
and efficient with Servio24/7 service.
- for each employee a complete history of accomplished appointments are stored;
- get performance analytics for your staff;
- each employee can access their
schedule and work with him.
Notification module
Customers will not forget about appointment due to reminders sent automatically.
- individual customization for SMS/Email templates.
- all messages are sent on behalf of your brand.
- 60% less missing appointments;
- no controversial situations.
For each client a complete appointments history will be stored, you can find particular client in a few clicks.
- create an appointment in a registry and client's information automatically recorded in a database;
- client's base is updated automatically;
- available client's appointment history
and their spending;
Online appointment
Having online appointment system in place is a chance to stand out among competitors.
- with this kind of service you will create the image of a company that cares about their customers;
- online service will provide a flexibility to choose the time and particular employee that match your schedule without phone calls;
- online recording is always convenient: in the office, in a traffic jam, in a trip, even during the night.
Statistics and analytics
Analyze customer behavior, identify most valuable and demanded services. Identify appointments distribution by day/hour during an arbitrary period of time.
- performance analysis can be carried out in the context of an individual employee;
-lost customers - customers who have stopped visiting you during certain period of time;
- statistics of cancellations - the number of canceled records and records with the status "no show";

Activate trial for 30 days
Discounts of 5%, 10%, 15% for one-off payment for the period of 3, 6, 12 months respectively
For small
For mid size
For growing
up to 5 employees
- all features of Servio24/7
- personal curator
- priority technical support
25 $ / per month
over 20 employees
- all features of Servio24/7
- personal curator
- priority technical support
- free education
Cost per month is calculated individually
from 5 to 20 employees
- all features of Servio24/7
- personal curator
- priority technical support
5$ per employee / per month
* The monthly payment does not include users having administrators privileges registered within the service.
* There are special conditions for chains business and brands.
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